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PT CORNER - by Lyne Ezenwa P.T.

Seating Solution

True or false? Doughnut shaped cushion is best to control pain with sitting.

This is a tricky question! Each person is different… It really depends in part where your pain is located and what is your diagnosis. Most people suffering from pelvic pain do not like to sit on a hard surface. It often times make the pain worse. The doughnut shaped cushion can add extra pressure to the tail bone area which may aggravate the pain. What works best for most patients are “cut out cushions”. If your pain is located more towards the tail bone or rectal area, usually you may do well with cushions such as “seat solution”, or “tush-cush”. There is a whole in the back of the cushion that prevents any pressure on the tail bone area. You can also find on- line, foam cushion that has a cut throughout the middle of the cushion to prevent pressure off the entire pelvic floor area. Occasionally some patients have reported that soft toilet seat cushion can be helpful. Be creative, and make your own cushion! It is important to figure out what helps minimize your pain. Sitting is a function that we can hardly prevent, so finding a solution to your sitting pain will make a big difference in your life.

Do not forget to carry your cushion everywhere you go! And change position frequently!

Lyne Ezenwa P.T.

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