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PT CORNER - by Lyne Ezenwa P.T.

Vulvar Irritants

True or false? Propylene Glycol may be an irritant to the vulvar tissue.

True. When suffering from vulvar pain (the area surrounding the entrance of the vagina), some chemicals may aggravate the irritation and the pain. Propylene Glycol is found in many personal feminine hygiene products and also in some lubricants used during intercourse. My recommendation is to always read the labels.

Other products may be irritants such as soap with fragrance, strong detergent used to wash your clothes, chlorine from pool setting, tight clothing such as jeans. Eliminating the products or activities that seem to irritate your vulvar tissue, will make a difference in your symptoms.

Also, in my experience a good regimen of Kegel exercises with proper relaxation of the pelvic floor in between contraction is a very helpful tool in reducing the itching, burning, redness and irritation of the vulvar tissue.

A little change can make a big difference!

Lyne Ezenwa P.T.

The Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy Center
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Houston, TX 77054
Phone:  713-790-0600


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