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Recommended Books

Patient to Patient: Managing Interstitial Cystitis and Overlapping Conditions
Patient to Patient: Managing Interstitial Cystitis and Overlapping Conditions offers a treasure of practical advice from a husband and wife team who have lived many years with IC and the associated conditions and symptoms. Patient to Patient provides information about the pros and cons of different medications, medical and alternative therapies, self-help strategies, pregnancy, perimenopause, dealing with families and doctors, and much more in a positive light.

Please Understand: The Interstitial Cystitis Guide For Partners
Many IC/PBS couples tip-toe around the subject of sex. When a partner doesn’t want to pressure a patient and a patient, who is afraid of pain, chooses to ignore the problem, feelings of isolation and/or rejection may occur. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time to get tangled in this fairly common dynamic. Please understand: The Interstitial Cystitis Guide For Partners can help a patient face her or his feelings about intimacy, as well as, help a partner understand these feelings. With understanding, the lines of communication can once again open and bring a couple back to their intimacy.Please Understand: The Interstitial Cystitis Guide For Partners was written by two IC/PBS couples, Molly Glidden and her husband Bill, and Gaye and Andrew Sandler.This gently written guide shares their candid experiences and solutions along with those of other IC/PBS couples.

Secret Suffering: How Women's Sexual and Pelvic Pain Affects Their Relationships is the first book to explain how pelvic and sexual pain affects the lives of women (and men) and their partners in their own words. The work also provides information on cutting-edge research and describes the most effective treatment modalities. Susan Bilheimer, coauthor, shares her own experiences as a patient who has gone down the painful, frustrating road of living with an illness that is often dismissed and not taken seriously. Robert J. Echenberg, M.D., co-author, has treated over 700 women (and some men) with the disorder. He shares his decades of experience and expertise as a gynecologist and specialist in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain. Through classic, new, and emerging research, with statements from experts and interviews with sufferers and their partners, Secret Suffering exposes and gives strong voice and compassionate understanding to this complex disorder. Through Secret Suffering, Bilheimer and Echenberg finally shatter the silence, educate patients, build understanding, and demand that chronic pelvic and genital pain be taken seriously by the medical community.

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