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Patient Stories - Carin (IC/Vulvadynia)

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I have been suffering with chronic pelvic pain for approx 15 years. It started with IC symptoms. I went to many doctors and no one could tell me what was wrong. I then developed Vulvadynia symptoms and again I was diagnosed incorrectly with yeast infections although the tests were never positive. I had one Urologist that said I had a narrow Urethra so he inserted a rod with no lidocaine or anesthesia. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

Finally after 11 years of being misdiagnosed, I found a physician at the Pelvic Pain Center in Louisville, KY that had some answers. Dr. McQuaddy and Elise Goodman, NP have helped many women in our area. I had also developed symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction by this time and could barely walk across the floor. I started physical therapy with a wonderful woman in Lexington, KY named Barbara Bowman (and later physical therapy at the Pelvic Pain Center).

I have tried many medications and have found the most relief from Lyrica. Although, it has one really bad side effect- I have gained 30 pounds in the last 2 years since I have been on it. I also have had several Heparin Cocktails over the past few years which has provided some relief from IC symptoms.

I also watch what I eat as I know what causes flare ups. I have ruled out many things from my diet including: tomatoes, soy, vinegar, and most fruits.

Last, I have also been doing acupuncture which has been great. It has truly helped with many of my symptoms. The only drawback is that my insurance does not cover it, so I have to pay out of pocket.

This is my experience. I have had many ups and downs. I will be happy to share my story and experiences with anyone that may benefit from it.


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